1970's Honda Trail 70
1974 Kawasaki Z1-900
1972 Honda CB750
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Powder Coating – Ceramic Coating

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Powder Coating- it is a great alternative to traditional paint. The powder is applied to almost any clean metal part electrostatically, then cured in an oven. Many items you see everyday are Powder Coated. For Example, appliances, lawn furniture, metal shelving, workbench tools, and many others. Powder Coating is a much safer and greener process than traditional paint. The Powder coating will last much longer and much more durable. It is the best way to repair items with old worn out paint.

Ceramic Coating is a great option for parts that will be exposed to high temps- like exhaust manifolds and heat shields.

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A Minnesota small business in the southwest side of the twin cities. Just 10 minutes south of Fleet Farm off Hwy 212 in Carver.